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paradoxical summer

Listening to: “New Year” by Regina Spektor

Now that I have no where to be in the morning, it is great to wake up and not worry about rushing off first thing. I can take my time a little more getting ready in the morning. I am not one of those angry people who get frustrated in traffic, speeding past people, flipping other’s off, and cutting in front of cars only to beat them to the traffic or red light. It is really refreshing to just be an observer of these types of things in the morning. Granted, I did give a guy a thumbs up for flipping off another guy; I can appreciate, I am just glad that I am not a part of it.

I want to be this relaxed in traffic all the time. Not that my seven minute commute through suburbia creates a lot of traffic at 7:30 am, but just saying.

I consistently run late. It’s a known thing, to no one’s fault but my own. I like to dilly-dally. Then, when I am already running late, I have to find my keys.

…because I’m looking for my keys.

I have ONE place that I try to leave my keys when they are not in use, but a lot of the time I put them somewhere else that I think I will remember…I don’t.

I find it alarming that you all are learning to be mindful from someone who misplaces her keys DAILY (no seriously, it’s a real problem), but I also thank you for trusting in what I have to say :). 

Here are some places I’ve found my keys after looking for a good five minutes:

  • the counter
  • my desk
  • my purse

I mean come on, that’s bad. I go through these daily routines without even thinking. This is NOT practicing mindfulness. It is quite the opposite.

I have found that I misplace things more frequently when I am very busy. When I am running from place to place, dropping by home only to grab more things, drop leftovers off, feed my cat, etcetera, etcetera. It is hard to be mindful in habits that are so involuntary to our bodies. Think of all the things you do EVERYDAY; brushing teeth, showering, eating, driving to and from, so on and so forth. Now think of how much better head space you can create if you do something or productively think about something with all that time.

I am actively and intentionally trying to get the most out of the time I have.

I told you in my first post, that my word of 2017 is intentional. And if you look up quotes on being intentional, you can find positive, affirming images; but there are also ones that remind you that intention is only half of it. Your actions MUST match your intentions to make your intentions meaningful and authentic.

Now that I am out of school for the summer, I am working on getting plenty of relaxation and fun, yet also try to keep to some sort of routine. It is so easy for me to fall out of step of a normal routine, while on this 74, now 70, day “weekend”. Some summers I have been known to sleep until noon, stay in my pajamas all day, or stay up until all hours of the night doing who knows what…This summer, I’ve decided to do things a little bit different.

I am trying to have a paradoxical summer.

I am still allowing myself to rest, but not by sleeping for hours on end. I am still having fun and spending lots of time with friends, but not spending tons of money doing so. I want to be intentional with my time and money, because it is limited.

I am trying to spend money more mindfully; yet I have my non-negotiables, such as coffee while I blog on Monday mornings or birthdays. I came home from IKEA last week with about eight containers that I have nothing to do with, they are just sitting stacked up on my desk. EIGHT empty containers. SMH at myself. I’m sure at some point I will find use for them, but it is a bit ridiculous.

Here are some things I am doing to commit to my word of the year: intentional.

  • While I am getting ready in the morning, or driving from place to place, I listen to podcasts. It puts me in a much better mood than constantly flipping through songs or radio stations.
  • When I find something I want to buy I think: Do I need to buy a gift for someone else? Do I have immediate use for this item? Can I live without this article of clothing? Is there something I already own that is similar?
  • I am utterly selfish with my time and where I spend it or who I spend it with. I have always been the type of person who says, “I don’t do anything I don’t want to do.” This gets me in trouble sometimes, it is a balance I am working on.
  • With idle time at home, I try to always be doing something productive: reading, journaling, laundry, writing, something.

What are you doing to get the most out of your time?

Life is all about perspective, and you are only as irritable as you make yourself, busy as you want to be, and as broke as you allow yourself to become.

Allow yourself to be rich in experiences, happiness, friendship. Take charge of your time, energy, and resources, before they take charge of you.

This all being said, who is going to help me intentionally knock things off my summer bucket list?



KINDERgarten teacher. I thrive on being kind... & okay, I like being funny too. :) In a search to find my sanity at work, I realized I need a creative outlet. I know, it sounds weird. "You're a kindergarten teacher, but you don't feel like you are creatively expressing yourself?" No. After giving all of my prescribed curriculum (which I won't knock it, because I really appreciate not having to create my own lessons everyday) but in order to have fun with my students on a daily basis, their learning development would be hindered by the lack of rigor in art projects and creative writing. This blog is my kindergarten art project. Not to mention a PSA to be KIND to one another, no matter where you are in life.

2 thoughts on “paradoxical summer

  1. Well Mel. When you figure out how to get motivated, please tell Amy and me (and Jon) the secret. We really need some get up and go juice. Thanks for your blog. It gies me hope.:)

  2. Ha ha about your keys. I finally, after many years, have a place where my keys live. If they are not there, it is because somebody took them. And then somebody is in trouble.

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