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Today’s blog post is very short and narrow. It is something I want to make sure I am doing regularly. Just like how I am technically on summer break, I am going to still keep a routine of getting up on Mondays (minus yesterday). I want to make sure that I am regularly showing my followers thanks and appreciation.

For those of you that don’t know me all that well, I love to make combo words. I’m much like Sterling Archer in that sense. Exhibit A:


So today I come to you on a gratitudesday, because I would like to show you a ton of gratitude on this Tuesday. Gratitudesday is pretty self explanatory, but just thought I’d help you out.

I took yesterday “off” to spend the holiday with friends and get some errands done. (I also spent way more money than I needed, but I got a LOT of really cute things :)) Plus gratiMONDAY just doesn’t roll of the tongue quite as swiftly.

I feel so blessed that you have come back each week to read what I write. A lot of people have come to me or sent me emails helping me to improve my writing, give me compliments, to tell me how much my writing has helped them…and I can’t even begin to explain to you how much that means to me!

Starting this new venture has been intimidating and very scary at times. I have been very hesitant to lay some hard truths and private information out to the inter webs and unknown people. I mean, come on, there are people out in the world that I may never meet that now know more about me than some of my family (I thought this before it was proven to me at church on Sunday, “wow I’m learning about this deeper side of Mel and it’s great”).

It has been a slow, uphill battle to gaining followers and subscribers and getting views and what not (that was a lot of ands, oh well). But like I learned at church this week, GROWTH TAKES TIME. I must never forget this. (Also, as I typed this, I looked at the time realizing it was almost time to go to work and I mumbled, “I hate how quickly time goes…” Time is the biggest double edged sword, catch 22 situation that has ever been created.)

Much like my post on teacher depreciation, I want to make sure that my viewers and subscribers always know how thankful and appreciative I am for the comments, feedback, critique, follows, shares, subscriptions, etc. If you all promise to keep coming back, I would love to do giveaways and contests soon. You are going to be my special subscribers who can say that you have been following me from the beginning, so when I start going places in life🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽, you will be there with me every step of the way. You are also the ones though that will keep me grounded, so that you never get missed and you always feel appreciated!

I currently have 34 followers subscribed to my blog. My first contest (disclaimer: it might contain some homework) will be when I hit 50 followers! I will be giving away a book or journal of sorts to help you with your mindful journey, the exact details will be announced when I hit that 50 followers. Then I will do another one at 100 followers and so on and so forth.

So share my blog with your friends, family, and coworkers and let’s do the dang thing! Click the sharrow (get it, share+arrow) on FB, hit retweet on Twitter, or repost on Instagram and let’s get a giveaway going.




KINDERgarten teacher. I thrive on being kind... & okay, I like being funny too. :) In a search to find my sanity at work, I realized I need a creative outlet. I know, it sounds weird. "You're a kindergarten teacher, but you don't feel like you are creatively expressing yourself?" No. After giving all of my prescribed curriculum (which I won't knock it, because I really appreciate not having to create my own lessons everyday) but in order to have fun with my students on a daily basis, their learning development would be hindered by the lack of rigor in art projects and creative writing. This blog is my kindergarten art project. Not to mention a PSA to be KIND to one another, no matter where you are in life.

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